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Maria Ferrie

The Island With No Sunshine 

The mind and body’s defense mechanisms, although they are there to protect us, can be acutely mysterious and detrimental to our everyday life. In some cases our senses may disconnect from each other not allowing our brains to make associations as usual in order to protect us from reality. This can cause depersonalisation where we appear to lose our sense of self and our identities become volatile and unascertained, as if non- existent.  Alternatively or in conjunction with, sensations of derealisation can be felt where jamais vu is experienced. Familiar things seem as if they were seen for the first time in an uncanny way or simply seem unreal, fake.

Perceptual distortions, anomalies and not being able to connect can lead to feeling like we are living in a dream or a film where we have no control or free will, not experiencing ourselves or our world the way we normally do, in a grounded manner, can cause intense states of inner turmoil.


Ranging from the northeast of England, where she is currently based, to the province of Cádiz in Southern Spain, where she spent her adolescence, Maria uses cameras intuitively with a reflective intention and a cathartic purpose. Her personal photography is driven by a sense of intrigue evoked by the apparently unquestioning acceptance of the ‘normal’ in daily reality coupled with a deeply introspective consideration of the interconnectedness of being.

Maria has long been fascinated by the roles memory, culture and still photographs play in relation to the formation of the self concept.