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Mara Acoma

The Entropy Garden

Some places are special, forming a relationship with us akin to a friend or companion.  Embodying past memories and future dreams in an external locus for our consciousness and memory, an oasis from the modern digital world. A place where everything is possible that still somehow ground us in reality.

A place where we can be at peace and simple be.


In her work Mara seeks to invite the viewer to examine their own ideas, exploring the unseen links which we feel as humans, to family, community and place.  Her work is both personal, drawing from her own life and experiences, and universal as it looks at themes common to what it means to be human.  Working with both film and digital techniques she seeks to blend narrative and fantasy to produce symbolic art with layered meaning.  When creating her work she is constantly asking, ‘What if?’, thus adding an aspect of speculation, and moving the images away from pure documentary.