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Geoffrey Bradford

building works

An important contribution to the creative process is the place in which work happens.

For me, that is my studio.

It’s where everything comes together. The space contains the collected history of what it is I do. It is the place that allows me to reflect upon the work in progress and measure it against intention.

Every object, be it on a shelf, in a box, on a surface, propped against or stuck to a wall, is there because at some time they caught me unawares. They were picked up, kept and added to the collection. Some are whole: a disposable lighter, a barnacle encrusted pink plastic beaker or an empty matchbox. Some are no more than fragments: a piece of torn sweet wrapper, a shredded polythene bag, a moth’s wing or a splinter of painted wood. As well as being important triggers to memory and place, they also inspire and suggest. My Dad’s moulding trowel that sits on a corner of my work surface reminds me daily of how my journey into photography began in earnest.

What excites me, is that far from resolving a particular idea, each piece of work sets up new questions and further opportunities; ‘what if’ or ‘supposing’ and ‘how would that work’? Basically put, work happens.