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Emma Jane Biggins

Beneath The Surface 

Alcoholism is an addiction that grows slowly. Alcohol is often utilised by many people as a coping mechanism to alleviate the emotional trauma of life’s setbacks, until eventually it is the only solution to deal with deeper emotional and psychological issues. Seeing a loved one suffering from alcohol dependency is emotionally distressing. One gains an insight into the internal anguish that people who rely upon alcohol face daily, turning to it to deal with all adversity. Alcohol slowly starts to displace all other relationships and eventually becomes a companion of sorts. This reliance develops from an emotional despondency, and a feeling of low self-worth verging on self-hatred. Often feeling an outsider to society and finding it difficult to emotionally connect with loved ones creates an immense feeling of loneliness and isolation, this pushes them to numb their emotions with alcohol consumption. It is easy as a loved one to overlook or miss their emotional turmoil and not understand that addiction is more than just lack of self-control.


Emma Jane Biggins is a visual artist working within photography undertaking self-initiated projects and arts-based commissions.  She is currently based in the North East of England where she is studying towards her Masters in Photography at the University of Sunderland. Her work is often inspired by current social problems within British society, she uses her own personal association with each of these issues she addresses to inform her work. The main aspect of her photography is constructed to represent the deeper emotional effects these social problems have upon to people in that current situation.